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Modernization of lighting for LED lighting and emergency lighting systems

We are a representative of 3 European companies producing a very wide range of LED lighting, including:

Fagerhult (https://www.fagerhult.com/pl) Swedish group gathering more than a dozen production plants in Europe, producing luminaires dedicated to production and storage halls, office lighting, commercial space lighting, hospital and health centres lighting, outdoor lighting (streets/roads/parking lots ) and external illumination/decorative illumination of buildings.

i-Valo Oy (https://www.i-valo.com/pl/strona-glowna/) Finnish company producing luminaires  for the following heavy-industries: food processing; production of paper pulp, paper and wood processing; power generation and recycling; metal industry; mining and mineral industry; outdoor and courtyard lighting, car parks; producers of building materials; warehouses and logistics; special and OEM applications; emergency exit lighting; ATEX area lighting; sports and recreation facilities; houses, offices and public buildings

ITW – Systems (https://itw-systems.com/en/) American company with a manufacturing plant and a design centre located in Kiev, having in its portfolio lighting fittings dedicated to industry, airports and stations as well as street lighting with a perfect control and management system street lighting in PLC technology (description below)

On the basis of the products of the above companies, we design and install LED lighting systems with control. This adds up to the creating of service centre at an adequately high level. In addition, it allows for a quick and repeatable response to the needs of our Clients. We use solutions that definitely reduce the costs of installation and control of luminaires based on proprietary solutions.

Street lighting for cities and municipalities

We have control solutions thanks to which we can manage street lighting based on the existing power cable infrastructure, without the need for additional radio control systems for each lighting fixture. We provide the solutions on the basis of PLC [Power Line Communication] technology. Our ITW System luminaires are the so-called " PLC Ready" which means they can cooperate with this technology.

The control is carried out using a standard 3-wire power cable, which is situated in the lighting pole, through which we send a signal to the power supply device of each separate luminaire. Each luminaire/power supply device has its own individual IP address, which receives a dedicated signal from the control centre, to increase or decrease the lighting power of the luminaire. Here we can create hourly scenarios for any group of luminaires.

Such control allows for additional savings for cities and communes in street lighting costs, because in the night hours, for example between 23:00 and 5:00, where traffic on the streets is minimal, luminaires are dimmed to 30% of their nominal power. At the same time, if any renovation work is carried out at night or an accident has occurred, the luminaire or group of luminaires can be immediately illuminated up to 100% of their lighting power. The dimming of luminaires reduces the cost of their use.

Lighting for industrial halls

We plan and implement investments in industrial and warehouse halls as well as in offices and outside areas.

How we work?

Each time, before the presentation of the proposed solutions, we carry out an audit, which is to answer the customer's expectations for the illuminated space (expected: number of lx [lux], arrangement of luminaires, protection against glare (very important in high-storage warehouses), compliance of layout and type of emergency luminaires, degree of colour rendering, other important from the point of view of the client). After the audit, based on the client's documentation [DWG sheet] or developed by our specialists, we prepare an offer proposal.

As soon as the offer is accepted, we determine the method of financing it and then, together with the contracting team, we determine the scope and time of works. After delivery of luminaires, we carry out assembly works with final measurements. After conducting them, we settle the investments.

Everything (almost) about the pros and cons of LED lighting


Long working time – professional LED luminaires (light source with housing) have a lifetime calculated between approx. 50,000 ha 100,000 h (6 - 12 years of continuous lighting 24h/7d) and sometimes more.  During this time, we would use many times more classic light sources. The cost of purchasing bulbs, the cost of assembly and the potential downtimes needed for replacing them are costs that we do not have to calculate with LED lighting

High efficiency – LEDs consume about 80% less energy than conventional light bulbs, which means your bills will be much lower. The payback time [ROI] for commercial clients, after using LED lighting, varies between 15 and 36 months.

Optimal investment financing – with a short payback period, as discussed above, it is worth considering investment financing by leasing, where the leasing installment is lower than the value of savings from the first day after installation. Assuming a European manufacturer's guarantee of 5 years, the investment is very effective and safe.

Resistance to damage – LED luminaires do not contain any movable or glass elements, are much more resistant to shocks and impacts from traditional bulbs, which in industry is of great importance related to the costs of possible failures and the risk of disruption of production by broken elements of traditional light sources.

No flickering – in fluorescent lightings there is a flickering effect which is best visible when we direct the camera lens of the smartphone towards the fluorescent lamp. Flickering, though invisible to the naked eye, has an adverse effect on the comfort of employees and their efficiency. LED luminaires are powered by direct current which eliminates the flickering effect

You switch on and you have it – LED luminaires react immediately to switching on and off the light. You get the full and expected lighting power when you need it.

Control – through the use of automatic control, LED luminaires illuminate enough to achieve the expected level of illumination on a given surface (production 300 lx, warehouses 150 lx and other standards). You do not need to use light for 100% of its power. It will automatically adjust to external conditions - this results in further savings, especially when you have additional daylight in your hall (windows, skylights, etc.).

Heat dissipation – LED luminaires, due to their efficiency, where 90% of the power is converted into light, generate small amounts of heat energy. This has an impact on lower energy consumption and thus the costs of ventilation or air conditioning. In addition, the risk of fire is reduced, compared to old type luminaires where a significant amount of energy is used to heat the light source. This is also important for products or devices that may be sensitive to high temperatures.

Ecology – LEDs do not contain mercury (as opposed to energy-saving light bulbs or mercury lamps), or other harmful substances. Due to the long-time of use, there is no need to replace the luminaires. By far less energy consumption, it also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Typically, LED luminaires are 100% recyclable.

Focusing the light – LEDs emit directional light, thus through the appropriate construction of the luminaire, we can direct the light only where it is needed. We avoid lighting places where we do not need it, thus we do not use energy to illuminate unnecessary places.

A wide range of colours – thanks to LEDs we can obtain any colour of light. By using appropriate technologies in lighting, LEDs help to obtain light in a saturated colour.

Degree of colour rendering [Ra/CRI] – determines how well the colours of illuminated objects are perceived. The higher the coefficient, the better the colours are rendered, and the illuminated objects look more natural. Professional LED luminaires allow achieving a very high degree of colour rendering up to 95%. This is of great importance not only to the comfort of people but also to production processes where colour perception is of great importance - for example, the construction of control cabinets where the colour of cables determines their proper connection.

Cleanness – in good quality LED luminaires, the emission of ultraviolet light and infrared light is eliminated, which does not attract insects or bats and allows to keep LED luminaires in better purity than traditional luminaires.

Cheaper cable infrastructure – due to the much lower power of LED luminaires, you can use cables with smaller cross-sections (cheaper wires) for installation, or connect more luminaires to the same cable line without the risk of overheating.


The price of first purchase – LED luminaires are more expensive than traditional sodium or fluorescent luminaires. However, it must be remembered that the service life is much longer and at the same time it consumes several times less energy than the old type of lighting. When calculating investments, it usually returns in less than the standard warranty period for good lighting fixtures.

Limitations due to temperature – the quality and duration of the LED luminaire is largely dependent on the ambient temperature. A sensitive element of each luminaire is the power supply, which when exposed to work at a temperature higher than the one it was designed for, may cause its failure. In addition, at high temperatures, the parameters of the current passing through the semiconductor LEDs change. In order to avoid unforeseen events, before each installation of the lighting system, the luminaires should be selected to work in specific maximum temperature ranges. Our offer includes luminaires that have a 5-year guarantee, working even at temperatures of up to 95°C , which are used in extreme conditions.

Why with us?

We carry out investments from the beginning (lighting audit) to the end (delivery and settlement of investments). We take responsibility for consultancy and the implementation process itself. We work with European suppliers which guarantees luminaire service at an appropriate level and repeatability of product deliveries during their operation. We have designers with extensive experience in the field of investments. From our portfolio, we select luminaires in the most cost-effective way.

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